Vision & Values


At McCloskey we are dedicated to providing a positive, safe, and caring learning environment which encourages high standards, mutual respect, and personal responsibility. With school, home, and community working together, we encourage all students TO ACHIEVE THEIR PERSONAL BEST in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become productive citizens.

Our Vision is that Children…

Are supported, safe, and cared for
Are respected, and are respectful of themselves, others, and their environment
Are welcomed, included, and treated fairly
Are valued for their individuality
Are challenged, encouraged, and excited to learn
Develop and display high social standards
Persevere and achieve their best, academically and socially

They are the Vision…

In order to Foster the Vision SCHOOL STAFF…

Collaborate, contribute, and share responsibility to create an innovative llearning team
Foster an appreciation for and inspire life-long learning
Value diversity (cultural, socio-economic, and learning styles) and adapt to
meet the needs of students
Clearly communicate academic and behavioural expectations
Build relationships with families in order to develop a supportive school community

They enact the Vision…


Help create a feeling of school ‘community’ by being involved, helpful, and supportive of students, staff, and other parents
Participate, share ideas, and work together to make a positive difference
Support and encourage their child’s learning
Appreciate and celebrate diversity
Reach out to others to make them feel welcome and proud to be
a part of an exceptional school

They nurture the Vision…